Imaging & Workflow

BANNER - Imaging & Workflow

Imaging & Workflow solution is a focused and purpose – designed solution developed to capture documentation and present it to users in a single interface.

It is delivered as part and parcel of the Document Management Solution (DMS) which is an enterprise – scalable document processing system and information repository for capturing and managing all forms of unstructured and diverse information.

Proactive Technologies is the Nigerian Partner for Sybrin (SA) for sale and support of Sybrin’s payment solutions in Nigeria and West Africa.

One of the Sybrin/Proactive Technologies partnership’s unique strengths and competitive differentiator is the fact that our solutions are modular and scalable. Once an organisation purchases any of our solutions, our Sybrin Core runs within the organisation and other solutions can easily be plugged in for quick and effortless deployment. The economics of scales the client organisation benefits from this model is tremendous with respect to cost savings, enhanced operational efficiencies, single vendor management accross several solutions, etc.

Such an organisation will also benefit economies of scale from Sybrin’s ownership by EOH, South Africa’s largest IT Conglomerate when it requires IT Hardware products and services.

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