Sub Modules

BANNER - payment solutions

The Sybrin Core has several submodules that enhance processing within the organisation. They include:

The Corporate-to-Bank smart client is a cost-effective solution allowing corporate to control, perform, track and reconcile bulk credit and debit payments through an intuitive web client.

Just as the cheques are being scanned at the branches, cheques paid to a corporate can also be scanned from the corporate office and sent directly to the Bank for clearing, etc. It also allows all forms of transactions to be originated from the Corporate

Cash Management product helps banks to monitor cash liquidity across operations from a central point, control stock levels, and minimise physical cash handling.

Using state of- the-art hardware combined with our class-leading software solutions, the ability to redistribute and efficiently manage your cash is now possible, whether across branches, states or even countries

Liquidity manager
The Liquidity Manager is an integral module of Sybrin’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) solution and includes the Clearing Engine and Clearing Manager sub-modules.

By using Sybrin’s Liquidity Manager during the daily ACH clearing and balancing processes the participating entities will always have a clear view of their settlement positions and liquidity at any point in time in REAL TIME.

This will allow banks to ensure their ability to borrow is never compromised and avoid situations where clearing cannot continue, resulting in a costly transaction unwinding process

Sybrine Statement has the ability to group the output via defined parameters (i.e. account number, branch, product type, etc.) and electronic statements can be grouped into one combined statement, per email, for the customer.

It also incorporates barcodes onto printed pages so that auto-mailing machines can place all of a customer’s statements into one envelope.

Document Management Solution (DMS) is an enterprise-scalable document processing system and information repository for capturing all forms of unstructured business information.

Identity Verification System (IVS) is an advanced signature and mandate management product which allows a financial institution to digitize signatures and mandates for use whenever signatories need to be verified against a known reference.

Automated Transfer Solution (ATS) is designed to meet the requirements of the Central Banks across Africa in terms of RTGS and ACH processing.

Its capable of handling high volumes of payments which include credit transfers, direct debits, cheques, etc

Mobile Switch solution is designed to easily control real-time, low value transactions and facilitate real time deposits and withdrawals for customers using Mobile or Micro banking.

Front Office functions as an interface for banking institutions, through the incorporation of multiple technologies, to provide a single solution for all teller functions.

Front Office has a complete Application Programming Interface (API) allowing for online/batch communication with the host banking system.

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