Enoor Osubele

Enoor has worked in the Information Technology Sector, Movie Industry and digital legal reporting. As Legal Officer/Company Secretary of Eida Information Systems Limited, he was Head of the team that pioneered the electronic format of legal reporting in 1992 under a contract to digitalise the Supreme Court Law Reports on behalf of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

He has also worked in the Oil & Gas Sector as an Executive Director in Capital Oil Plc in charge of Operations, Legal, Compliance and Corporate Communications. During his time in Capital Oil Plc he midwifed the Company’s Retail Expansion Project that saw the retail outlets of Capital Oil grow from 2 to 11 with an additional 5 landed properties earmarked for retail outlets business. He was also instrumental to the acquisition of Capital Oil Plc head office.
He is currently the Managing Partner of Whitestone Attorneys, a Multi-disciplinary Law Firm based in Omole, Ikeja, Nigeria.

He is a Notary Public with considerable experience and manages the Firm, overseeing all the areas of the firm’s practice.

He acts in the capacity of the Company Secretary